Can a roof be repaired?

In many situations, the answer is yes.  Most “sloped” roofing systems last at least twenty years.  Many last up to fifty years.  Most “low sloped” (or flat) roofing systems last ten to twenty years.  If you roofing system is within its typical life expectancy, it is likely that minor repairs and routine maintenance can be completed, even if there is a roof leak.  If your roof is nearing its life expectancy, then it is likely that repairs should not be performed as you will be wasting your hard earned money.

Do you repair roofs?

Max Roofing is an excellent roof repair company, and we have literally repaired thousands of roofing systems.

How much does a roof repair cost?

Based on extensive data from thousands of roof repairs our company has performed, most roofing systems can be repaired between $500.00 and $2,000.00 depending on the roofing system, repair type and a few other factors.  With that being said, there are times where a roof cannot be repaired, or the repairs are more expensive than $2,000.00.

How much does a roof replacement cost?

This is a loaded question as it really depends on the roofing system, how many layers of existing roofing is currently on the building, how steep the roof is, access and quite a few other factors. Inexpensive roofing systems can run as low as $3.00 per square foot of roof space and others can run $2,000.00 per square foot of roof space.  It really is best to have us provide a formal estimate for a replacement of your roof.

What type of roofing systems do you work on?

To make it simple, I will list them. They include, but are not necessarily limited to: Asphalt shingles, concrete tile, clay tile, spray polyurethane foam (foam roofing), elastomeric coating, modified, torch down, metal, wood shakes, wood shingles and slate.

I hate flat roofs, are they bad?

Absolutely not. The correct term for a “flat” roof is “low sloped” as flat implies that it is actually… flat.  Now, your roofer must do a good job on the low sloped roofing system as they are more prone to roof leaks at seams, walls and roof penetrations.

What is the best roof type?

Thanks Cheryl for the question. It really depends on your preference.  For low sloped roofing systems, I love spray foam.  But for sloped roofing systems, it really depends on the look you are going for… and your budget ?

I hate the color of my roof. Can I paint it?

That depends on your roofing system, but in most instances the answer is no. It is likely that the paint will just wear off and you likely have created a maintenance nightmare.

I walked on my tile roof and I broke ten tiles. Can these be repaired?

If it is a concrete tile, absolutely. That is the beauty of concrete tile roofs, assuming the tile is readily available.  If it is a clay, or sandcast tile… this will be much more difficult to repair.

Do you install metal roofing systems?

We do install metal roofing systems. There are several different types of metal roofing systems on the market, and we install most of them.

Do you install wood shake roofing systems?

Our teams have installed hundreds of wood shake roofing systems and we love to do them.

Another roofer repaired my roof two years after he installed a new roof and I can see the repair. Is this normal?

It is. Even if the material is the exact same brand and color, there could be different dye lots used during the manufacturing process, or even come from different locations because the manufacturer has several facilities they bring material from.  Additionally, just from the typical weathering process the roofing system could look different as it ages.

My “whirly bird” turbine vent is not working. Do you fix these?

We do. Some companies try to repair them, but it ends up failing at some point and it is typically better to replace them.

I really love black shingles, are they too hot to install on my roof?

That is a complicated question as it depends on the insulation and ventilation you currently have on your home. If you currently have a black roof, you may not know the difference.  If you are going from white to black, then the roofing system will absolutely be hotter.  Current manufacturing processes use more energy efficient and “cool” technologies, but a black roof is still a black roof.  Do not feel bad as black is by far the most common tile and shingle color that we install.  You are not alone in your concern, but most people just look right past it.

I want to replace my roof before the monsoons, should I add attic vents when I replace it?

Thanks, Bob. This is a good question as it depends on your current ventilation and insulation. The more air flow you have in your attic (assuming it is not foam insulated to the deck), then the less heat transfer you have from roof to attic then attic to home.  Remember that just adding ventilation does not make your home more efficient.  It needs to be properly

Monsoons are coming, should we replace our roof?

It depends. What kind of roof do you have?  How old is your home?  How old is your roof?  Do you have any leaks?  There is several questions need answered before we can give you a solid response.

I have a shingle roof and I noticed that there are granules on the ground every time it rains. Is this normal?

Yes… and no. Asphalt shingle roofing systems are designed with excess granules from the manufacturer and are designed to shed them over time.  However, if a hailstorm just occurred and there is significant granule loss… this may be a problem.  Also, if your roof is old and there is significant granule loss, it could be a sign you need to replace the roof due to its age and condition.  If your roof is well within its life expectancy and has not sustained hail damage, but you are experiencing significant granule loss… your roof may be defective.  Either way, it is best you have us come out and take a look and get a professional opinion.

I want to install solar on my roof, should I have a roofer inspect my roof before I install the solar system?

This seems to be one of the most common reasons homeowners call us.  Either the solar company told them to, or the solar company didn’t care, and they installed a solar system on a roofing system that has gone well beyond its life expectancy.  Another reason is that the solar company broke a bunch of roof tiles or caused leaks on the home.  It is always best to have us inspect and document well before you hire a solar company.

The solar company installed our solar system on our 19-year-old tile roof and now it is leaking. Does it have to be replaced?

It depends on the roof type… but it is likely. Solar systems are typically installed for twenty to thirty years.  They should never be installed on an old roof, or a roof nearing its life expectancy.  With that being said, we would really need to look at the roof to let you know, Jim.

Our solar company broke tiles when they installed the solar system and said they cannot fixt the tiles. Can you help?

Absolutely, Chris. On newer roofs and in most situations, it’s almost as simple as replacing a few tiles.

My roof is leaking. What typically causes roof leaks?

How much time do you have, Ionela? Leaks are caused by several things.  The most common leaks occur at roofing penetration flashings, roof transitions, roof valleys and improper detailing by the original installer.  From there, we could literally talk for days about what we have seen cause a roof leak.

My concrete tile roof looks awesome, but it is leaking. The house is only twenty years old… does the roof have to be replaced?

The lifetime expectancy of concrete tiles is… life. Just like the pavement we walk on outside, the tiles themselves will outlast you and me.  But the underlayment (aka roofing paper) beneath it has a typical life expectancy of 17 to 20 years.  There is a chance you need a minor repair… or even a replacement.  If we are working for a buyer, or seller in a real estate transaction, we will recommend underlayment replacement as early as 16 years because of the typical underlayment life expectancy.

How often should I maintain my roof?

Depending on the roof type and overhanging trees, every two to five years is sufficient.

We just bought a house that has a foam roof on it and we cannot see the roof. How will I know if it needs to be replaced?

George!  You should have had us out BEFORE you bought the roof!  It’s too late now and we can still help!  The best way is to have us out to inspect the roof and just give you an honest opinion.

Do you install spray foam roofing?

We install tons of spray, polyurethane foam roofing. We also do maintenance and recoats on foam roofing systems.

What are average prices for common roof repairs?

Max Roofing has literally done thousands of roof repairs. Based on this data and experience, we know that most roofing systems can be repaired for a cost between $500.00 and $2,000.00.  This is obviously subject to a roof inspection and estimate.

Do you have a common tile roof maintenance or repair cost?

Without underlayment repairs, we typically price our repairs at $675.00, $975.00, and $1,275.00. From there, underlayment repairs start at $1,275.00 and increase based on the size, scope and complexity of the work being performed.

A storm came through with hail and wind. Should I file an insurance claim?

But we won’t know until we come out and look at the roof.  We would not recommend filing the claim until the roof has been inspected.

What type of roofing systems do you work on?

To make it simple, I will list them. They include, but are not necessarily limited to: Asphalt shingles, concrete tile, clay tile, spray polyurethane foam (foam roofing), elastomeric coating, modified, torch down, metal, wood shakes, wood shingles and slate.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

It depends on the roof type, access to the home, how steep the home is, how many layers are on the existing roof and how big the actual roof is. Also, some roofing systems install faster than others.  Typical shingle and concrete tile roofs that we do the majority of the time take between four and seven working days to complete.

I am high risk for COVID. Do you have to come into my home to give me an estimate?

We do not have to enter the home if you do not want us to. If you can provide photos, video, drawings, and reference points for our team… we can likely identify where the problem is coming from.  If we are doing a roof replacement, we really don’t need to even meet face to face as we can measure from the exterior with, or without someone at the home.