Investors, iBuyers and REITs in Arizona

Max Roofing has completed thousands of projects for iBuyers, REITs and several other types of real estate investors.

Very few roofing contractors in the country work with more real estate investors, iBuyers, iRenters and REITs than Max Roofing.  Most roofers do not even know what an iBuyer or REIT is.  The Max team has built their company on the thousands of repeat projects they have completed for all types of investors.  We are actively working with nearly all the “funds” in the southwest and have been completely vetted through the various compliance companies they each use.

Why do investors like to work with us?  Because we understand the process.  We routinely inspect, repair, maintain, and replace roofing systems of all types.  We have established negotiated “package” pricing on most roofing systems for both repair and replacement.  This helps the investor understand what they are getting for each package and it helps simplify the review and approval process for them, their superiors, and all shareholders. 

Several of Max Roofing’s clients are publicly traded firms that require rigorous documentation of the construction process on each asset, and they use sophisticated metrics to measure the performance of our company.  Because Max continues to complete its projects on time, on budget and with very few change orders, we are contracted over and over by our clients.

Regardless of the intent to sell, or hold the asset, we know how to work with project managers, other subs and general contractors to ensure each roofing project closes on time… or even early.

If you are an investor looking for a new roofing contractor that has the experience you are working for, please contact our office.

“Fund” Experience

Max Roofing has been approved through just about every compliance company  in the “fund” market.  This includes, but is not limited to Compliance Depot, Yardi, Vendor Cafe, and a plethora of other compliance entities that our clients hire to vet their vendors to the highest level.

The industry dictates that significant insurance be in place to work in the iBuyer and REIT space and Max has all the appropriate coverage required to meet or exceed our client requirements.

We routinely work for the turn, renovation and service divisions and understand the requirements and processes for each division.

For a number of our iBuyer and REIT clients, we perform roof inspections on behalf of the entity purchasing the asset to ensure risk in buying can be mitigated as much as possible.  In almost all instances, a repair and replacement estimate, with written report and annotated photographs are turned in so the internal review process is simplified and to the point four our client’s team.

We truly are uniquely qualified and structured to service this complex industry and highly complex industry.  Our clients routinely call us a “high performing vendor” and in their own words the “Best Roofer Ever.”


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We have successfully completed thousands of roofs on new construction & remodel projects.


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